Biggest Disappointments of 2016 In Tech World

Freedom 251
Freedom 251

Popular Controversial thing In 2016

New year is coming. In 2016 most interesting things happen in tech. world. But some disappointment also happen on this year.

Very interesting things happen that In 251 Rs. Indian company announce phone but they don’t deliver phones. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion is very dangerous and like black sport for technology.

Apple removes 3.5mm Jack from their new device Apple iPhone 7. This things is very surprising for iPhone lovers. Go Pro’s Karma recall camera with drones call back to company due to technical error.

Reliance Jio in starting month they don’t provide proper service. They do not prepare for very huge amount of public response.

1. Freedom 251

Indian company announce 251rs. mobile phone. public pre book many phone. But people don’t get their orders. So, this very disappoint thing.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion

Explosion in mobile is not new things but in premium phones it’s new thing. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is black mark on this. Continuous blast in mobile phones company rolled back all mobile phones and stop the production of the smartphones.

3. No 3.5 mm Jack In iPhone 7
This time iPhone comes with big. It removes 3.5mm audio jack from their premium products. This was very disappoint thing for iPhone lovers. But in against Air Pod id good options.

4. Go Pro’s Karma Recall their drones

Famous company Go Pro produce new drones this year but because of technical issue Go Pro call back their 2,500 drones from world. Problem is their that power down while operating condition. So company recall it.

5.Reliance Jio launch

Early before reliance Jio lunch their is big rush to take Jio sims. And no sim stock available in Jio stores. It was very difficult moment to handle huge amount people.

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